What is Yellow CESAM?

Yellow CESAM (hereafter YC) is my personal version of the stellar evolutionary code CESAM originaly written by Pierre Morel from Nice Observatory (France). Compared to the official version CESAM 3.2, I did several developments, improvement and bug corrections (see my Phd Thesis for details). It is easy to use on Linux machine thanks to the GNU compiler g77 (I made a substantial re-writting effort in order to get a code which can be compiled with g77, that was not only a question of compiler option).

A database of evolutionary tracks computed with this code (for various chemical compositions and overshooting amounts) is available on this server here.

I also wrote a web interface to Yellow CESAM, the page about this project is available on this server here. This kind of web interface can be adapted to any code, I am currently writting such an interface for various programs like isochrones maker, population synthesis program, ... for the BASTI database.

Finally, for people who are bored by stellar structure and evolution calculations: relax and read my "Funny Physics" page, and enjoy the short movies! It is not necessary to be fluent in french language to understand the purpose of each experiment.

How to install Yellow CESAM

Compile the code

To install YC, you have to follow these steps:
Prepare the Opacity tables
Prepare the Nuclear Reaction Rates
How to run Yellow CESAM

The First Run
Next Runs
Outputs Files

Yellow CESAM produces various output files, the most important are:
Other stuff

I also partially rewrote CESAM 4.4 in order to get a code which can compiled with GNU g77 compiler (exotic compilation options are not enough). Beside this I did some personal modifications but my version remains quite close to the official version (unfortunately I lost the version with only modifications related to compilation problems). Sources can be downloaded here:

This code (version with minimum modifications) has been already used by Reza Samadi (the guy who asked me for modifications), Juan-Carlos Suarez (former PhD Student in Meudon), Anwesh Mazumdar (former Post-Doc in Meudon Observatory) and Eric Michel.


Web pages related to CESAM:

Other available codes related to stellar physics: