The European Southern Observatory owns several sites in South America like the Paranal Observatory where the VLT has been built, and La Silla Observatory. A view of
La Silla Observatory In the frame of the EROS collaboration, I stayed in La Silla for some "shifts" and at this occasion I took some pictures of rock engravings. A few millenia ago, the chillean desert of Atacama (where is located La Silla) was not a desert and people were living here. They left artworks on stones which are still visible nowadays. These prehistoric rock engravings bring to us touching evidences of ancestral human activity. I am proposing here some photos of these rocks. Nice explanations about La Silla archeology can be found here.

The map below shows the location of some stones:

La Silla Rock Engravings Pictures

petro_01.jpg petro_02.jpg
petro_03.jpg petro_04.jpg
petro_05.jpg petro_06.jpg
petro_07.jpg petro_08.jpg
petro_09.jpg petro_10.jpg
petro_11.jpg petro_12.jpg