In Rennes, 09/16/11 Welcome to my professional home page!

Since september 1st 2011, I am research scientist at CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Reasearch). I am working at the University of Reims (East of France).

I am involved in several reasearch projects focussing on Titan (the main satellite of Saturn) on one side and on the origin of the Solar System on the other side.

Last published works:

Dust photophoretic transport around a T Tauri star: Implications for comets composition
Cordier, D.; P. G. Prada Moroni; E. Tognelli; 2016; this paper is in press

Structure of Titan's evaporites
D. Cordier; T. Cornet; J. W. Barnes; S. M. MacKenzie; T. Le Bahers; D. Nna-Mvondo; P. Rannou; A. G. Ferreira, 2016; this paper is in press.

Downloading policy The data and softwares available here may be downloaded freely unless explicitly specified. The pictures in general may not be used without my consent but some high resolution images can be sent on request.